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VIP Wellness Tea

Try Me 3 (Taster Pack)

Try Me 3 (Taster Pack)

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Are you interested in different teas but don't know where to start? Are you new to loose leaf teas? If so, this is the deal for you!

Try 3 of our 0.5 oz sample size bags by tea collection in this bundle. Includes cloth infuser bag. 

Choose One:

Classic Collection- includes one sample size bags of Chai Town, Grey's TEAnatomy, and Simply Sencha.

Core VIP Collection- includes one sample size bag of Vitali-Qi, Immune, and Perfect TriniTea.

Functional Collectionincludes one sample size bag of Every Woman, RoyalTea, and Intimacy.

Signature Collectionincludes one sample size bag of Black Excellence, Natural BeauTea, and WOOSAH. 

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