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Tea by an M.D.

"Wellness should be simple and accessible to all. It’s time to get back to the basics using nature’s oldest medicine: plants.

At VIP Wellness Tea, Wellness is our Why. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilled life and feel good doing it. Our mission is to empower every person to discover the health benefits of tea (plants), and our vision is to make holistic wellness part of everyday life.

We offer a variety of luxury-grade, certified organic, loose leaf teas, handcrafted and custom-blended for people to discover the potential health benefits of plants (tea). Top quality products at an affordable price. That's the VIP difference!" -Dr. T

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A Message From Our Founder

Tea by an M.D.?

During the prime of my career as a physician, I was stricken by an illness that threatened my well-being and livelihood. The doctor became the patient. When conventional medicine didn’t have answers, I discovered the healing power of various complementary and alternative medicine practices such as herbal medicine, focused nutrition, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, movement and energy (eg., Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong), all built on a lifelong foundation of faith & prayer. My years of medical training hadn’t focused on the body’s ability to naturally heal itself! Over the years, I have become my own case-study. I can attest to the healing power of plants and the power of cultural collaboration and integration for healing practices. This first-hand experience, in addition to training in functional, integrative, and herbal medicine, has been essential in my wellness journey and it is my hope that it may benefit you as well. There’s no magic bullet and I won’t make promises just to make a sale. This is simply an invitation to unlock the potential of your wellbeing. Evidence-based studies in addition to historical data of ~ 5000 years support the medicinal properties of tea, and increasing awareness regarding the benefits have positioned tea as a beverage that offers more than a refreshing and relaxing drink. Tea is an easily accessible tool for your wellness toolbox. Tea is also a personal favorite of mine and I cherish the sweet memories of making my mom a cup of tea (with honey) and enjoying tea with my daughter and loved ones. Enjoyed in sickness and in health, teatime is wellness, intentionality, and community. Teatime is a lifestyle.

Sip well,

Dr. T


  • Be Still... by Elaine

    "I was having problems relaxing and getting a good night's sleep. After drinking this tea I slept like a baby."

  • Highly Satisfied... by Angela

    "This tea is delicious! One of the best purchases I've made in months!"

  • Healing Teas... by Frances

    "This new tea brand is simply amazing and meant to assist in healing the inner person. These specialty teas are crafted by an M.D. (medical doctor), to complement your current health regimine. They're amazing!

    The tea is not prepared by a third party. She's the real deal!"