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Tranquility Relaxation Gift Box Experience

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Give the gift of self-care!

Enjoy 50% off Hemp Hibiscus Tea with Tranquillity Gift Box purchase while supplies lasts!


Relaxation Gift Box Experience

Unwind as you take a journey of the senses with this luxury gift box.

See it, then Sip, Soak, Smell, and Soothe…

Sip- Tea with benefits for your tastebuds. Calming WOOSAH & Be Still 1 oz organic loose leaf teas. Includes 525ml Grosche Smart Tea Steeper!

Soak- SereniTea bath/foot soak for your body. Made with organic lavender petals, eucalyptus & lavender oil, epsom salt.

Smell- aromatherapy with Herbal Infusion Lavender 2 oz spray and Kobe Co. #Chillaxin' (Cucumber + Lavender + Champagne) 3 oz candle.

Touch- soothe and hydrate your body with Release Organic Hemp Infused 2oz massage oil. Made with organic hemp seed oil, argan oil, almond oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, and lavender oil. 

We’re talking Lavender, Hemp, Chamomile, Dandelion, Rose, and more! 

Indulge your sense of hearing by relaxing in silence or listening to your favorite playlist (check out Kobi Co. #Chillaxin' curated playlist).

Whole body and mind care perfect for “one for me one for them” gifting!

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